The Plan

I flew out from San Francisco at the beginning of September and am in Hong Kong for two weeks.  Then I head to Bali, Indonesia, with possible side trips to the volcanoes of Java.  After two weeks I head to Penang, Malaysia for one month.  Penang is a predominantly Chinese city known for its food, and I hope to taste the best of the best chicken rice, roti canai, laksa, chili crab, nasi lemak, char kuay teow, wantan mee, beef rendang, and teh tarik that it has to offer.  I meet my mom in Kuala Lumpur in early November for two days in Malaysia’s capital.  Then we fly back to Bali together.  We’re spending three five nights in Ubud (Merapi, you suck) before heading to Yogyakarta, Indonesia to see the Borobudur temple and other Javanese wonders.  Then we fly back to Hong Kong.  After a few days’ rest in Hong Kong, I head to Beijing and Shanghai on my own.  I’ll be back in Hong Kong for December and Christmas, before heading to Galle, Sri Lanka for a New Year’s Eve wedding.  I’m Eastern Hemisphere-ing it 118 days in all.